With modern technology and innovative use of space and sound, IN5 Experium builds a unique, sensorial, immersive experiential space that would bring some of the most sought after places of interest to millions around the globe.

AR, VR, light-and-sound projections, holography and more: You are in for a 360-degree, immersive and multi-sensory treat!

The curated stories let you not just experience the destination but get to know exciting facets of art, architecture and history associated with them.

The Future of Exploring Destinations is Here!

Standout Features of Our Multi-Media Exhibition

Larger Than Life:

The digital format helps create a new way of engaging with art, architecture, history, culture, etc., building a better attention span.

Exciting Technology:

Technology makes the learning experience engaging and leaves a long-lasting impression.


Experium is not limited to geographies and can move across the world.

Diverse Subjects:

Each topic has its relevant context and plot. Depending upon objectives, vignettes and exciting stories of historical relevance are found and curated.

Multimedia Format

360-degree projection allows a fully immersive environment that makes even difficult subjects such as art and architecture, history and culture, easy to assimilate.

Varied Demography:

This format ensures there is something for everyone; it captures the interest of children as much as elders.

Who We Are

IN5 Experium is one of India’s biggest touring-exhibition companies, showcasing exciting stories to the world in the most impressive and immersive format by creating overwhelming multi-sensory experiences. We are part of PDA Ventures Pvt. Ltd., which has forged its forte and domain expertise for over two decades in organising niche and industry-specific B2B and B2C international trade fairs, conferences, and more.